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From/To Hudson County


Popular fares :

Newark Airport to NYC (Manhattan)
Newark Airport to Jersey City
Newark Airport to Hoboken

Newark Airport to Princeton
Newark Airport to East Brunswick

Jersey City to Manhattan
Hoboken to Manhattan



Van Prices for Airport Travel


All fares above include chauffeured Town-Car service.

- TOLLS and GRATUITY are NOT included.
- GAS SURCHARGE of 7% applies. 
- All the Credit Card will charge $3 more processing fee.
- All other tax includes 7%


Stops in same town as pick up or destination……………..$15.00
Stops in route to destination……………………………….Half price of town
Stops off route to destination………………………………Full price of town

Stops in the same borough as pick up or destination……………$15.00
Additional stops in same borough……………………………….$10.00
Stops in different borough…………………………………….Full and full

ROUND TRIPS…………………Full price one way and half price for the return

To Make A Reservation, Call: 866-747-RIDE (866-747-7433) or 
Place your or get a


Royal Service

Jersey One Limo offers Royal Service in arranging for a pick-up at any area airports.(Inside Reservation) Place your reservation. We will confirm inside pick-up and verify arrival time with airline. Your car will be dispatched 30 minutes in advance of the updated arrival time to give driver sufficient time to park. He will be waiting at the ground transportation counter with a JERSEY ONE sign which includes the passenger name.

MEET AND GREET              $10.00

TELEPHONE…………………………………..$2.00 per minute

TOLLS…….Toll applies on all trips beginning or ending outside on New Jersey

Economy Service
Outside Standby) Place standby reservations in advance. Your car will not be dispatched until you've landed and called 1-800-540-7969 from terminal. We will give you a car number, 10- minute or less ETA and direct you to designated pick-up spot outside the terminal.
Save: $5.00 on fare; $4.00 for parking; $45 on hour for waiting time.

Arrive then Call
(Outside On Demand) As soon as you've landed, call us from terminal at 1-800-540-7969
We will assign a car number, a 15-minute or less ETA and direct you to a designated terminal pick-up spot.
Save: $5.00 on fare; $4.00 for parking; $45 on hour for waiting time.

Arrange, Proceed to Curb
(Outside Reservation) Place your reservation and confirm an outside terminal pick-up location. We will verify the arrival time and dispatch car to match. Upon landing, you may go directly to designated pick-up spot without calling the dispatch office. We suggest confirming your car number before leaving terminal. Waiting time is chargeable if the flight is delayed beyond the updated arrival time posted by airline. 
SAVE $5.00 on fare; SAVE $4.00 for parking

Arrange, Proceed to Baggage Claim
We will verify all arrival times directly with the airline, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the provided airline information. If a plane arrives earlier than scheduled, the passenger must call Jersey One to advise. Cars will be held at the airport 30 minutes for domestic flights, 60 minutes for international flights past the updated arrival time. No-shows will be given if pick-up is not made at that time, unless you have notified us that you wish the car be held longer than standard time. If you cannot find car, you must call us. Passengers leaving without calling will be charged a no-show.

Our Services
To determine the cost of a trip beginning or ending in Hudson County or Newark Airport, we have prepared this valuable Rate Schedule.

Waiting Time
Is calculated at a rate of $45.00 per hour, pro-rated in five-minute intervals. Waiting time begins 15 minutes after the scheduled pick-up time.

Hourly Rate
Our hourly rate is $30.00 per hour, plus a 20% gratuity. There is a 2-hour minimum when a Scheduled trip is local.

Cellular Telephone Charges
Cellular telephones are available in the car's cabin for client use at a rate of $1.50 per minute.

Tolls, Parking, and Service
A $4.00 toll on all trips beginning or ending outside of New Jersey is charged. All other tolls are additional; Parking: All parking fees and charges are additional; Service: There is a $2.00 service charge for each corporate voucher.

What is considered a "cancel" and what is considered a "no-Show", and other questions.
If 10 minutes or more have elapsed from time of dispatch and the passenger calls the dispatch office or the car has arrived and the passenger goes out to the driver to tell him that the job is canceled, that is considered a billable "no-show" Out-of-town pick-ups where cancellations have been made before the scheduled time of pick-up, will be charged to the town where the driver has reached before being canceled.

NO SHOWS WILL BE CHARGED 50% of the total fare plus parking.

Flat rate of the pick up town
  Meet & Greet and parking when applicable

If we are told to send the car and do not have a phone number:
For reservations, we will allow ten minutes beyond the pickup time.
To have a car wait longer than our standard time, you must arrange it in advance with the reservationist or call us as the situation develops. If you do not and we release the car, you will be charged a no-show.

Cars will be held for one-half an hour after conclusion of event held at a stadium or arena. Drivers are instructed to go into restaurants to find passengers whenever possible.

Telephone Charges
Most Jersey One sedans are equipped with cellular phones for your use. If you or an associate needs one on an occasional basis, please request it at time of service. If you or your associates must have one at all times, or if you do not wish phone service privileges to be available for anyone using your account, please notify your account executive. We will be happy to arrange either class of service. The charges are: $1.50 per minute tri-state, $3 per minute continental USA; $5 per minute international. Note: Calls to information and 800 numbers; or where the phone is allowed to ring for more than 6 rings without a connection being made; or when a passenger uses a phone company charge card, are chargeable since the driver is charged for them by the carrier phone company.

The When & Whys of Stops
On each voucher, there are areas where drivers and/or passengers must write in stops. Your driver may ask you to initial the stop portion of your voucher. There are many possible definitions of what is and is not a stop just as there are possible prices.

Some Examples:
*An en route, quick (less than 5 minutes) stop for a newspaper or coffee is a courtesy. Jersey One drivers offer to our customers at no charge.

*An additional passenger jumping out at a red light, even when it is en route, is considered a chargeable stop.

*A stop en route is priced differently than a stop not en route. A stop out of town on the way to a further point is priced differently than a stop in one borough on the way to another.

*Many of our competitors have rules concerning pricing of stops. Often times, they do not reflect the reality of what the passenger has actually traveled but reflect the nature of their arbitrary zone to zone pricing schedule. Call your account executive for accurate pricing anytime you have a question.

*Out-of-town stops begin at $10 per stop in the same town. Stops en route are 50% of the rate to the town.

*Wait and return from out of town points are full price plus 50% of the full price for return. See section entitled "Waiting Time" for additional information.

No Additional Charge!
Jersey One accepts reservations 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There is no additional charge for reservations.

We reserve the right to limit the number of reservations taken at peak periods and during inclement weather conditions. We promise to do everything possible to be on time for all reservations, but there may be situations due to circumstances beyond our control where we may be a few minutes late. If you ask for a car and cannot leave a phone number, (this considered a "send"), please do not go outside with out first confirming the car number and its ETA. In addition, passengers making "send" reservations and leaving without calling the dispatch office at 1-800-540-7969 may result in a no-show being charged to their account.

Out-of-town Pick-ups? 
No Additional Charge!
Unlike our competitors, there is no additional charge for out-of-town pick-ups (With the exception of airports). We have the most competitive pricing structure for these types of pick-ups.

Waiting Time
Jersey One provides a free 15-minute waiting period for their customers. The waiting time clock begins at the scheduled time of the reservation (with the exception of airport pick-ups). If the passenger is late entering the car, there is a free 15-minute grace period expires then the passenger, will be charged $6.25 up to 29 minutes after reservation. At 30-minutes the passenger will be charged $12.50 and an additional $6.25 every 15-minute period thereafter
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